The Regiment Film

It’s the beginning of October 1777 during the height of the American Revolutionary War. The fate of the revolution hung in the balance. The British were progressing into New England colonies. General George Washington recruits African and Native American slaves to fight the war in exchange for their freedom post war.

Richard Cozzens, separated from his family at birth by his master; he was raised by a Quaker family who educated him. His knowledge was his power in attempting to influence resistance to the other subservient slaves. His triumph and fearlessness is what eventually led him into battle that sent shock waves within The Black Regiment. This band of brothers became human shields on the front lines during the British invasion.

 “The Black Regiment is a true story of not only heroism but of courage and controversy”.

Directed by Stephen Stix Josey

Executive Producers by Stephen Stix Josey, Thomas Mannock, Tatia

Lopez and Neena Richie